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Safeguarding Night Life

While most people are sleeping, our medical teams are providing medical cover for students of Surrey while they enjoy the annual celebration that is Freshers. 

Welfare and medical facilities in night-life venues have proven to make a huge difference to customer experience and we’ve worked closely with venue owners and local authorities in creating a safe environment for customers and staff alike. Night clubs, bars, and other late night entertainment venues are common-place for potential safeguarding issues and accident related injuries given that alcohol usually plays a big part in a night out. #

Having an in-house medical team ensures that vulnerable customers have a safe-place, where qualified staff, whose primary concern is care, can look after them and work towards getting them to their destination safely. Local licensing departments have shown an incredibly positive attitude towards venues who have recruited our services and venue management have often relayed to us that they feel a sense of comfort, knowing that we’re on-hand if required.