Mental Health Patient Services


Mental Health Chaperone Services

Our mental health patient chaperone services are suitable for all ages. Engagement reduces the workload for hospital ward staff and police services. Once a patient has been conveyed to hospital, our staff will stay with them to ensure their safety, assist them to remain calm and provide assurance while waiting in Emergency Departments or Section 136 suites for assessment and admission.

Secure Transport Services

Ambulance Services 24 deliver high standards of care to all patients with a wide range of mental health conditions. We provide an all year round, rapid response, specialist team experienced with vulnerable patients and working with mental health practitioners.

Our team have experience with patients of all ages and with many mental health conditions, including autism and dementia, those detained under the Mental Health Act or Mental Capacity Act. We provide safe and effective transport to all those within our care.

We work in conjunction with mental health practitioners to get to know individual patients and their specific requirements to ensure transfers across the UK are as smooth as possible.

Other Services


Catering for all types of sporting, film sets, schools private and public events.



Patient Transport Services using modern vehicles, FREC trained Ambulance Care Assistants.



Paramaedic led planning team are able to risk assess and cater for complex operations including bariatric PTS.


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