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Film & TV Medical Cover

At Ambulance Services 24 Ltd. we are able to provide both ad-hoc (including short notice) and long-term cover for your Film & TV productions across the UK. We only use nationally accredited and qualified staff who are experienced with film & TV medical cover, have been subject to background and security checks and understand on-set etiquette.

We understand the unpredictable day to day running of a film & TV production where additional cover may be required or an extra day or night of filming is required.  As a result, we operate a 24/7 on call manager who will be more than willing to help and fulfill all requirements. Should you require last minute or additional cover for your production please contact us on 07539431538.

Ambulance Services 24 Ltd. is an approved supplier for First Option Safety Ltd.

Unit Medics

A unit medic is a medical professional who is dedicated to your production for its duration. They will work hand-in-hand with security, health & safety and production staff to ensure that all hazards are identified and appropriate medical provision is in place. They are equipped to provide comprehensive treatment for emergencies and minor injuries on-set and are trained to deal with major incidents.

Construction Medics

Our construction medics are on-site medical staff who look out for the well-being of contractors such as carpenters, metal workers, riggers and the like. They are trained and equipped to deal with minor injuries, trauma, and basic life support in the event of workplace injuries or accidents. They are also equipped with appropriate PPE and health & safety training, allowing them to be effective in a construction site environment.

Stunts & SFX Medics

We are very aware of the inherent risks that stunt performers face during filming. The medical staff we provide for these shoots are very experience in dealing with the typical injuries that can be sustained in this line of work. This would include falls from height, working with animals and fast moving vehicles, stunts involving fire and scenes that are shot in deep or fast flowing water.

Emergency Ambulances

Our range of emergency ambulances are equipped with everything you would expect to see in a typical A&E ambulance. The vehicle will be double crewed, ensuring the best in patient care and can respond between locations as required. Alternatively it can maintain position at one particular location, providing a single patient onsite treatment area.

4×4 Rescue Ambulances

4×4 rescue vehicles are proving to be a fantastic resource when it comes to remote locations with difficult terrain. Their ability to recover injured patients from these difficult areas make all the difference to a patient’s level of care. Our off-road capable vehicles can be crewed with 2 medical staff, with adequate space for a patient on the built-in stretcher and an accompaniment.

Mobile Medical Centre

Our mobile medical center is a fully equipped lorry, with 3 treatment areas including a triage bay and full medical team. The vehicle is self sufficient with a water supply and it’s own power source with heating and lighting, which means that people’s basic needs can be met even out in remote locations and given it’s size it can accommodate multiple patients.