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Community Support 2019

The early part of 2019 brought us surprisingly large amount of snow and with it being so unexpectedly heavy, most of Britain found itself with a lot of struggle on the roads and other public transport. It goes without saying that this kind of weather is not something we are nationally equipped for and can often have a knock on effect for the members of the public trying to get about their daily business, but also for those who live alone, are less able, the emergency services and the NHS as a whole.

When weather warnings were issued in February 2019, Ambulance Services 24 gathered a small crew of medical staff, who offered to volunteer their time in the community where possible. Our Landrover Discoveries, Mitsubishi L200 and Skoda Scout 4x4s allowed us to assist NHS staff getting in to hospitals and other care facilities so that they could work. In the space of 48 hours, we assisted members of the public get their families home after they became stuck on major roads with no ability to move themselves safely. We utilised our vehicles and trained staff to assist police in pulling lorries and cars from ditches and embankments, dug out an NHS ambulance to allow it to proceed on it’s route, helped get families to loved ones and generally assisted people with whatever they needed in order to be safe and comfortable.

It’s situations like these where we get to see the communities pull together and help one another, something we witnessed a lot of in those 48 hours, it was great to see many private medical companies, recovery companies, emergency services and members of the public helping their communities across the UK.